About Carta Branca

Carta Branca is a Belgian collection, designed in Antwerp and made in Portugal. Carta Branca stands for designs that are way ahead of their time (avant-garde), in precious silk fabrics and with an artisan finish.

The first capsule collection of Carta Branca was designed by Veronique Branquinho, co-founder of the brand’s vision.

Bridal fashion is about purity and essence. Veronique Branquinho designs intuitively and is inspired by things she finds beautiful. That way she wants to make the bride’s most special day unforgettable.

What really appeals to Veronique Branquinho in bridal fashion is desire. Longing for that special day and that one dress that is lovingly made to measure for the bride. The bride is willing to wait for it, to long for it. A wonderful idea.

Carta Branca wants to say as much as Carte Blanche, but through the Portuguese translation the link is immediately made to our own production in Portugal.